Buying & Renting - Things to think about

Buying or renting a new property takes a great deal of resources. Make sure that you are putting your money on a good investment. There are a lot of options on the market so you should have no trouble finding ones that fit your ideal. Take the time to study each of them. Every house has something to offer. They have their own pros and cons. Don't be blinded by curb appeal as there may be underlying problems when you look closer. Don't just scratch the surface. Visit each site and conduct a thorough inspection. Pay particular attention to the following:

Heating and Cooling

The household should feel comfortable all year long. Much of this will depend on the heating and cooling system. How old is the current installation? If it is older than a decade, then it might be starting to show signs of wear and tear unless it has been regularly maintained. Ask for proof of maintenance. See if you can get copies of the monthly utility bills so that you know how much you should expect to pay if you take over. The HVAC system is usually the biggest contributor. Check the insulation as well, from the walls to the roof to the windows. Double glazing installation is better than single glazing.

Extra information about glazing installation


Check if the plumbing works by using all of the fixtures around the house. The faucets and showers should work without leaks. The sinks and drains should not be clogged. Look for tell-tale signs of neglect like rust and mould. If you take on a house with plumbing issues, then you will potentially have to spend tens of thousands of pounds just to fix things. It is simply a headache that you can do without. You should also see if there are leaks on the roof and problems with the gutter system. These can lead to costly repairs as well.


You wouldn't want to get a house with a faulty electrical system as this can become a safety hazard. It is especially important if the house is old. It may not have been designed to take on the load that we have today. This may require the expertise of an experienced electrician or, at least, a veteran assessor. Take one with you during your scheduled visit to a property. Note every observation they have including exposed wires, weak points, necessary upgrades, and so on. Get a cost analysis to see if the acquisition will be worth it despite the potential repairs.


Other things to consider have nothing to do with the condition of the house itself. Location is one of them. Is the place easily accessible? Is it near good schools, hospitals, stores, and other vital establishments? What are the amenities available to the residents? Are there parks and sports facilities nearby? Is it close to rivers or lakes? Check the crime rate around the neighbourhood. Is it on the rise? Are the police in control of the situation? Safety is one thing that cannot be compromised.